Infection Prevention


In an effort to protect student-athletes and promote hygiene, the National Wrestling Coaches Association selected Theraworx as its Infection Prevention Product Partner. PitBull Wrestling is able to offer our families a range of Theraworx products at at signficant discount on our website.

Theraworx Technology is a topical solution that assists in optimizing the skin’s outer most layer, the stratum corneum, while remaining Non-Toxic and Total Body Safe. Safe for mucous membranes, open wounds and excoriations, this non-rinse Technology helps to maintain the natural acidic barrier properties of the stratum corneum allowing for proper protection against environmental factors.

Theraworx is simple, inexpensive, and total-body safe. This new paradigm in skin hygiene works to optimize the natural antimicrobial action of the skin, preserving the low pH of its outer layer.

By preserving the skin’s permeability barrier, Theraworx allows the body to prevent water loss, avoiding skin dryness and damage. A non-toxic product, Theraworx is safe for use around mucous membranes, including the perineum and the face.