Welcome to PitBull Wrestling!


PitBull Wrestling is a chartered USA Wrestling Club, committed to helping all boys and girls, ages 4-15 years, learn the sport of wrestling. During the past 10 years, wrestling has become increasingly popular in Texas and is now offered in a majority of 4-A, 5-A, and 6-A high schools.

Building a solid foundation in proper techniques as well as learning the art of wrestling is crucial at the youth level to meet success later in the athlete’s career. Wrestling is one of the most physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding sports ever known. Helping individuals learn at a young age the discipline behind wrestling is pivotal in their development. We aim to provide this training by combining over 50 years of coaching and competitive experience at all levels involved with wrestling.

We are excited to welcome you to PitBull Wrestling, a youth recreational and competitive wrestling program serving the communities of Austin, Dripping Springs and the surrounding area. Bringing you an online resource for all tournaments, classes, club gear and clothing ensures that we can continually offer you the best understanding of our program and encourage your involvement—connecting athletes, families, schools and the community.

We know that providing a rewarding sports experience is important to you and your children, so we plan to provide our team engaging and fun activities in a safe, cooperative environment that will build self-confidence, good sportsmanship, determination and education. Join us in this journey to develop the sport of wrestling in Central Texas and improve every season yet to come!